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Works great

Helps me with listening with my ear for keys and scales. I love it. Great for a musician and vocalist. Highly recommend for your down time.

Helpful app

The free version is great though a little limited-great practice though

Great app but. . .

This app is very helpful. But you need to improve the quality of the piano! It's really bad. Really!

I have to pay twice?!?!

I already shelled out 15 bucks for the ipad version and they also want me to shell out another 15 bucks for the iphone version. Greedy!


If you are just starting to practice music theory like myself this is great for pitch training,interval training,scale training..ect

Tried them all this one is Champion!

First of all don't listen to people who rate this app 1 star, this app deserves no less than 4 star reviews it has been well thought out and is a great app for beginning ear training. It is a quality app with exactly what I need. I have tried many ear training apps before finding this one. I love this app and I hope you will too. Some things to keep in mind: the interface is nice and neat, however, the button to start an exercise is not intuitive. It took me 5 minutes of play to figure out how to start an exercise. Push the >> (next button) to start an exercise, push > (play button) to repeat the sound. The rest is intuitive. As far as unlocking all levels is concerned... I am a beginner and level 1 is challenging enough for me. Personally unlocking all levels wouldn't help me since I have a lot to learn from level 1. I appreciate the developers designing this app with great care and concern for beginners like me. Not only have I found a great app for my needs but I don't feel overwhelmed when using it.

Perfect Pitch is Possible!

In the late 80s, I had a fantastic music teacher. This man clearly had the gift of perfect pitch and demonstrated it on a daily basis. The teacher was born with this gift, and it undoubtedly propelled his musical abilities. The teacher believed that only a few people were born this way, but that anyone could learn to develop a strong relative pitch. I was dubious, as I really struggled at the start of the course. After 2 years, however, I found myself to be dramatically improved in detecting relative pitch. Fast forward to 2009; I first found this free APP. The data collected during pitch training was significant- at first I struggled mightily. After only a few weeks, I noted my scores were rising above 50%! I now believe that perfect pitch can be acquired, through hard training and disciplined study- and Karajan is a tool that can expedite the whole process exponentially! I love the fact that there is a lite version available for free, and would enthusiastically endorse this APP to anyone who requires critical listening skills (heads up teachers of students who struggle with reading fluency). Suggestions for improvement include allowing a more choice in tones. Also, content could be elevated automatically as one increases in skill. Lastly, content could be delivered in a game format, enticing a wider mass appeal. Overall, 5/5 stars!

Extremely limited

This app offers practically nothing! You can only listen to three different kinds of intervals and displays such little amount of theory info that no one could possible grow from this. You gotta pay $15 for the full version, which is the only way to unlock the rest of the intervals etc.


This app is great. I would use it everyday if the full features weren't 15 bucks, but I'm not calling that outrageous. Every musician should have this app.

Really good idea

I'm not musically-inclined, but I can definitely see the appeal of this app. I feel I shouldn't even be giving it a review since I've barely used the app, but what little of it I HAVE used, I can say that it's well-done enough. I haven't explored all of its features, but I can tell that it really needs a visual makeover. It's not very attractive. To get people to download (or especially purchase) an app, it needs to have more than just functionality. There's my $0.02.

I love this

I use it at school but with an iPad I love it so much!

Poor design. Bad quality sounds

This app has horrible sound quality and the design is not fun at all. I do not enjoy using it. There are several other music theory apps that are much better than this one.

New piano

This new piano is the worst!!! Please bring back the old piano interface! Please please please bring it back!

Would be a five star app if...

Great app, would be five stars if they made a few improvements. Needs to have some intermediate steps in all of the levels or customized levels. In the interval training section for example, it would be nice to be able to build up or add in one/few new at a time. Also would be great to replay the ones answered incorrectly so you could hear the mistake you made and train the ear to it. Also to troubleshoot problem intervals. Scales section... With the modes I think it would be nice if they played the root chord or allowed that to be an option. This is a must for people trying to understand the qualities/colors of the modes. A rhythm trainer wouldn't hurt to be included at this price point. For what it is, I think it's great and certainly has tremendous potential. Not sure at this price point yet but we'll see as they update this phenomenal app.

great but need some introduction

It's a good app for ear training! But I didn't know how to use it until I saw the demo video in your webpage. Add some introduction when opening the app would be great! And I cannot see the volume change when I change it! Please fix it.

Wretched sounds

The samples are not good. They are close mic'd and not at all musical. There are other products that have nice musically round samples that are pleasant to listen to. The UI is fine, but this is ear training. I have to listen to it. I want that to sound good! Replace the samples and this is a decent app. Will not be buying the full version just because this sounds so bad. It is not hard to find good steel string or classical guitar samples, or even to make them. Even the piano is bad!

Free but confusing

I don't know anything about music & hoped this app would help me, but it's too confusing. Need a pre-beginner level please!

Bad sounds

With all the great music samplers out there, you'd think they'd find better sounding instruments. These are awful.

Worst translation ever

If you developers cant translate apps decently, keep frim doing so. Now what used to be a perfectly good app is useless (nonesense spanish), until I can get it in English again. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LEAVE IT IN ENGLISH OR GIVE US AN OPTION TO CHANGE THE LANG. Dev: Translating apps = out of your league.

For Every Musician

This app is simply outstanding. I'm a college music major and about to graduate. If I had this app when I was taking sight singing and ear training I would definitely have done much better. Nice work.

This is the Worst One...

I've tried a LOT of these ear training programs. This one is the worst. First off-- it's confusing. But even if you take the time to figure out al the menus there's no way to start with a small group of notes. You're immediately tested a full multi-octive range. So this is NOT for beginners. And then to make matters worse. Every time you answer something wrong, a pop-up window tells you so, with no means of review. All you can do is click, "OK", yes I got that wrong. This is not fun at all.

Love It

I've always needed to work more on my ear training skills. This app is just what I needed. Mostly use the interval training now, but I'm sure I'll make use of the other excercises as I progress.

How do I use this?

I thought this would be a good intro but there are no directions. Totally worthless for me until that is added.

this is a good application

too easy for me cuz i have perfect pitch, but it can really help those trying to develop.

Needs work

I have been using the pitch quiz successfully for some time, so I think the people claiming it "doesn't do anything" just aren't looking hard enough. That said, this app is far from being production-quality. If I were Apple I wouldn't have approved it in the first place. The reason I'm writing this, however, is to point out one particular bug. The pitch quiz is not random. Every time I start a pitch quiz after starting the app, I get the same sequence of notes: F, Bb, E B, C... If there is any random number generating code in this at all, it's probably not being seeded properly. And yeah, the guitar sound is disgusting.


doesnt do anything. worst music app ever.

Meh. Save your disk space.

It really doesn't do anything. No instructions to work what functionality it has. Yes, the piano is kind of cool, but you can only see an octave at a time and have to shift the screen yourself. That means it's not really all that playable simply as a piano. I am interested in buying the bigger program, but not without playing with it first at $15. This free version is poor marketing for the big version.

Don't waste your time with the free version

The free version is completely limiting in which chords it shows you and which key signatures it displays. It doesn't play any exercises unless you pay for the full version. I would be more apt to buy the full version if I knew it just limited the number of exercises but at least showed full functionality. I can get more out of my pitch pipe and theory book!

Good idea, poor execution. (or is it the free version? Not sure )

I deleted as after my first use of it.


I am so glad to have found this! I always play this with a friend when by a piano...trying to guess the note that was played. Awesome


I can't figure out how 2 work it. Needs a how to play


Mine is not working

best (free) ear trainer in the app store

I'm really surprised this isn't rated higher - it is amazing if for nothing but the piano function. You have to open the app and tilt it sideways without hitting the next button to get it to just play, but sustains beautifully, and is quite accurate.

Guitar sounds orrible

The guitar version of it sounds horrible.

Love it!

Also, you can just play it like a piano. It's a lot of fun.

Okay little app

Playing around on this app, I've noticed a major flaw--the spellings of the chords are WAY off. Ex: Ab-E-Db is not the spelling of an Ab minor chord. But, if you don't need to learn the spelling, the app is just fine. Overall, that major discrepency in the free version has kept me from downloading the $15 one with more advanced theory.


If you don't know which notes are which.

It gave me a bunch of help with music theory.

What would be really nice is an application like Finale or Sibelius. If you could do that, I would deeply appreciate it!

Karajan beginner-Music & Ear Trainer

This program initially worked with only some of the functions being without sound. Now, some 2 months after is on my iPhone, the sound stopped working altogether while every other sound related applicaton on the unit continues to work perfectly. No key responds with sound in any mode. I rated it two stars for the time when it did work. I'll try reloading it to see if it fixes itself.

Stopped working

All I hear is what sounds like video game explosions. Rebooted and the problem persists. Worked fine for a while and seemed useful....,

Almost exactly what I was looking for

This app is great but it could use an ear training section and more instruments. So 4 stars for room for improvement.


I've been using this to bump up my music skills when I'm bored and it's awesome! I will eventually buy the full version but right now 15$ is just too steep a price. It's a great app but I won't buy until the the price lowers. Hear that developers ;)


This app was kinda hard for beginners because it doesn't teach you anything it just tests you first thing . It took me awhile you get what to do .

Amazing app

This app is awesome I recomend it as a music major. And I look forward getting the full version. ;-)


I've been playing for a couple years but I am too lazy to train myself to recognize intervals by ear this is definitly going to make a difference


Great app. Download it.



Need more instruments

Besides those 5

Okay,I guess.

I(being a beginner) did not really get it, so I deleted it. Maybe okay for more experienced musicians.

Too Hard for Beginners.

You are only tested, but not given anything to learn. The app should instruct first, then test. Here you are only tested into failure.

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